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ERO Report

Excerpt from 2021 ERO report :

Māori learners experience success as Māori. The localised curriculum authentically reflects Māori ways of being and doing. The values of the centre are an indication of teacher knowledge around te aō Māori concepts. They also reflect the high regard placed on relationships and partnership with whānau and the community. Children benefit from an environment that holds care, relationships and whānau involvement as integral to what happens in the centre.

The management committee is establishing systems and processes that support centre operation. The newly appointed parent governance group is growth focused and has prioritised the wellbeing of children. The attention paid to the sustainability of the centre is having a positive impact on maintaining consistent outcomes for children and whānau.

Teachers are exploring how to work collaboratively to build their collective professional knowledge. They are beginning to clearly identify children’s learning through documented assessment. The growth in teachers’ professional knowledge is not currently well supported by an overarching strategic approach. Leaders are considering how to make this a priority to ensure there are ongoing positive learning outcomes for children.

Teachers are developing their understanding of the role of effective internal evaluation. Individual teacher inquiry and review, in some areas, supports them to consider what is and is not working for children. Leaders in the centre have identified that having clear shared goals is a tool to grow evaluative thinking. They are using this direction to drive continuous improvement for both teachers and the governance structure of the centre.

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